Adams Australia

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Grain, seeds and pulses; Vegetable oil

Adams Australia commenced trading in 2001 as part of the Adams Groups’ strategic global supply chain; a network focused on the production and procurement of conventional and organic grains, pulses and oilseeds, as well vegetable oils and specialty ingredients for both human and animal consumption.

We have become a significant participant in the Australian food and feed industry and grown to incorporate a fully integrated supply chain for our customers. The substance of valued and established business relationships is paramount to our team and as part of our commitment to the industry we are continually looking for new sources of supply to service existing and emerging markets.

Adams Australia see it as an important role to encourage farmers to adopt organic farming methods and to consider becoming certified organic for a cleaner and sustainable farming future. Our commitment to organics stands side by side with our environmental policy. Organic farming is all about soil management, maintaining and enhancing the soils health without the application of artificial fertilisers and chemicals. The result is clean food and a cleaner environment.

Adams Organic product range has been extended over the years to cover multiple categories, and we are constantly reviewing to ensure we can cater for changes in consumer needs.