Australian Organic Meats

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Beef; Lamb

What Certified Organic food means to you

Australian Organic MeatsOrganic food is:

  • regulated by certifying bodies with annual audits
  • processed without synthetic colours, flavours, preservatives and other common additives
  • in greater harmony with nature using farming practices to protect soil, water and air quality
  • safer for our farmers to produce due to the lack of chemical exposure

Our Organic Story

The Australian Organic Meats Group is led by founders of the organic beef and lamb industries in Australia. We have maintained a long history of building strategic partnerships across the supply chain to deliver on our quality promise.

Our business is a partnership between two long-standing traditional organic farming families. The Tully and O’Leary families have generations of farming history in Australia and are founding members or the organic movement.

The increase in consumer awareness into the production of their food has lead to a rapidly expanding global demand for organic food. This has allowed the Australian Organic Meats Group to expand our producer network to offer the range of organic meat products we can currently offer our consumers today.

Our commitment to a safe, healthy and reliable meat supply chain

Australian Organic MeatsWe are committed to certified organic and environmentally sustainable production systems that provide opportunities for the next generation of farmers around the world.

With the support of our valued processor partners, we can guarantee a continuous high quality of supply of organic beef and lamb items across a full range of fresh chilled, value added and frozen products.

We have built an excellent track record of creating new programs for retail customers from a nil starting point. Each program is tailor made to the customer requirements and is backed up with a full supply commitment.

Producing certified organic meat Our goal is to consistently supply premium quality grass fed certified organic beef and lamb. Each customer has different needs and challenges and we provide personalised, responsive service to each member of our supply network.