Benmar Farm

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Discover grass-fed organic milk

Benmar Farm is an artisan dairy producing sustainable, quality milk from humanely-raised cows, predominantly the Fleckvieh breed.

Sustainable production begins with the soil

Benmar FarmEverything comes from the soil. Everything returns to it. Sustainable production begins here, in the ground under our feet. At Benmar Farm, we demonstrate respect for the physical, chemical and biological balance of living systems. This is where the character of our milk is born. Viticulturalists call it terroir. We call it a passion.

Humane approach

Our approach is anchored in the fact that food is reciprocal. The care we offer our cows comes back to us in the bounty they produce. It’s not about ticking items off a list; it’s about making sure our cows are stress-free and warm, that they have dry places to lie down, that they have food, clean water and shade. We give them the five freedoms they deserve. And when they give back, we receive it with gratitude.