Organic Milk Co

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Butter; Cheese; Milk

Our products start with a passion for quality, organic milk. No additives, antibiotics or GMOs. Our farmers and their cows like it that way and we know you will too.

Organic Milk Co

It’s easy to see why this is better for our cows, better for our environment and better for Australian families. But what sets us apart is that The Organic Milk Company is better for farmers too.

Organic Milk CoIt takes 3 years to transition a farm to organic and clear the land of artificial additives. We’re so committed to organic dairy practices that we’ve set up a system that makes it easier for farmers to convert to organic. We provide interest free loans to help our farmers through this 3 year transition and we’ve also devised a way to pay farmers for their milk that takes the stressful “peaks and troughs” out of their income, providing financial security for their families.

Together we’re pioneering a better way to produce organic milk. It’s real milk, it’s fair. That’s us.