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Very few spices have a history as exotic as vanilla. From orchid flower, to bean, to bottle.

In 1897 Queen Vanilla is Born

Queen vanilla pasteQueen has been intertwined in the history of vanilla since 1897. Queen has been working with vanilla growers across the globe to grow and cure vanilla that is extracted for Mums, Grans, and little ones, who create edible gifts of love through their baking traditions.

The Queen brand was inspired by Queen Victoria’s love for Vanilla, and today is synonymous with the very best Vanilla in the world.

From professional cake decorators and chefs to foodies and home bakers, Queen Vanilla is loved for its strength, quality and ability to make any recipe that extra bit special.

A commitment to Vanilla that is fair, ethical and sustainable

Sustainable vanillaQueen is committed to the fair, ethical and sustainable sourcing of Vanilla.

Our long history in Vanilla production means we have seen first hand the impact of natural weather events on this precious crop and the lives of the families that grow it.

Through our Vanilla programs that educate, support and empower Vanilla farmers, you can be assured that when you purchase Queen Vanilla, you are helping thousands of growers around the world and making vanilla production more sustainable for the future.