Stormflower Vineyard

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Stormflower is all about producing the best wine we can from our small block, with all fruit from the vineyard.

Stormflower VineyardThe vineyard achieved full organic certification in 2016 and all of Stormflower’s wines from the 2016 vintage onwards are certified organic, or made with certified organic grapes. We completed our winery just in time for the 2020 vintage and now make all our wines on site.

Sustainable farming is an integral part of the Stormflower philosophy. We pay great attention to the health of the soil, and this results in a vineyard that is a healthy, bio diverse and resilient system.

The vineyard has gone through many changes since we bought it in 2007. We began with a transition to organic composts and natural soil biology stimulants and minimising the use of chemicals. We gradually moved the vineyard to a fully organic system, and achieved full organic certification in 2016.

We ensure that our viticultural and winemaking practices are as gentle on the environment as they can be, and we focus on regenerating and working with our natural ecosystems.