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WWOOF Australia was established by Lionel Pollard in 1981 to help fledgling organic and biodynamic growers to have help on their properties while passing on their skills and knowledge to volunteers that they hosted. WWOOF has undergone many changes in the 40 years it has operated in Australia and is now completely online, with Hosts and volunteers having their own Profiles on the WWOOF website and in the free WWOOF Australia App.

WWOOFers travel Australia-wide, volunteering on organic, biodynamic and permaculture WWOOF Host farms and small holdings. They learn real skills from expert WWOOF hosts and offset their carbon travel footprint, often making friends for life.

How does WWOOF work?


WWOOFWWOOF Hosts, who join on the WWOOF website, must be growing or producing organically and be prepared to welcome volunteers (WWOOFers) to their properties and teach them about their techniques, and follow the Host Guidelines at all times. Hosts need to be able to provide all meals and snacks as well as clean and comfortable accommodation. In exchange WWOOFers, who are generally unskilled, will help for 4-6 hours each day (maximum of 38 hours in any 7 days) usually with a couple of free days each week to spend sightseeing etc.

Hosts set up a detailed WWOOF Host Profile, providing information about their properties, what they produce, skills WWOOFers can learn, the types of accommodation and meals they will provide as well as any special conditions they want to stipulate. Profiles also include a gallery to entice WWOOFers, as well as a Map location and Availability calendar. Contact information, map and calendar are only visible to members, there is a short property description that is publicly viewable to encourage volunteers to join and see more detail.

Once a Host Profile is completed, Hosts can advertise for WWOOFers on the member only Notice Board or look for a volunteer who interests them on a List search or a nearby volunteer on the member only Map search. All members can privately message each other directly from their profiles and can save interesting profiles to their Favourites list.

Hosts who have facilities available for WWOOFers who are studying or working remotely can also offer this as an option to attract long term stays. These WWOOFers do their normal WWOOFing hours, but Hosts do need to be flexible to allow them to attend meetings or lectures online. WWOOFers generally will do their study or work in their free time.

For more information about becoming a WWOOF Host, see wwoof.com.au/host/.

WWOOF Volunteers (WWOOFers)

WWOOF volunteersWWOOFers also join WWOOF and set up their volunteer profile to introduce themselves to Hosts. They can then search our database of Host Profiles for a Host who interests them on a List search or member only Map search, or they respond to a Notice on the member only Notice Board, make contact with the Host of their choice and offer to help. WWOOFers are required to follow the WWOOFER Guidelines.

For more information about becoming a WWOOF volunteer see wwoof.com.au/volunteer/.

Special Organic Industries WWOOFer volunteer discount

WWOOF Australia is offering a special $25 discount for WWOOF Volunteers using the Code: ORGANICIND25 when they join on Single or Dual volunteer memberships.

If you would like to give a 2 year WWOOF membership Gift Certificate to someone you think would be a great WWOOFer, use the Code: ORGANICIND25 at the checkout for a $25 discount on Single or Dual Gift Certificates.

Need more information?

For more information about WWOOF Australia, see wwoof.com.au or call our friendly team during office hours on 0455 023 173.