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We need an industry peak body

Back in December 2016, the Minister for Agriculture called a broad range of representatives of organic agriculture in Australia to a meeting in Canberra.

Growers, processors, certifiers, industry consultants and departmental staff came together at Parliament House to address the issue of a growing multi-billion dollar industry that had no effective coordinated national representation.

We were a powerful collective, but with limited capability to focus that power for our mutual benefit. Nowhere was this weakness more obvious than when it came to speaking direct to government.


Establishing an interim peak body

Over the last two years, a group of around 30 representatives has deliberated on a peak body for our industry. Organic Industries Australia (OIA) was established as the next step in that process.

OIA is a not‑for‑profit company with an agenda to progress a single standard, look at pathways to domestic organic legislation, improve export market access, and respond to GMO and biosecurity issues.

OIA will focus on issues which require industry‑wide representation, where political factors and legislation are part of the solutions we seek, and where strategic actions can leverage great outcomes.


Membership is now open

Love organicTo effectively represent certified organics in Australia, we need to expand well beyond our original group of members. We have a goal to attract at least 25% of our industry as members this year.

We have set membership at a low $10 per annum to both grow our numbers quickly and because effective representation is more important to us than anything else. If we can take the voice of 1000 certified operators to Canberra, then we will be heard—there is no doubt.

If you can afford to contribute a little more, foundation memberships are available until 31 December for $250.


Please join with us

With your support, we can begin to address the issues that have been restricting our industry for decades. Please join OIA today. Your $10 contribution will secure your voice both within the OIA on policy and development issues, as well as in the corridors of power where it counts.

$10 might seem like very little to have your voice heard … but, when you join with a thousand others in your industry, that individual voice will become a powerful chorus that cannot be ignored.

Thank you if you're already a member. Otherwise, please click here to go to our online membership page. You can join immediately via credit card or we can invoice you.

There is nothing more important for certified organics in Australia today than to have a single unified voice. Your membership will help ensure that voice is truly representative of our industry.

Thank you for your support.
Greg McNamara

Greg McNamara
Chair, Organic Industries Australia