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WelcomeOrganic Industries of Australia was established last year as the interim peak body to represent the organic industry. Over the next year or so, the industry will need to determine more permanent industry representation arrangements.

In the meantime, we have been busy initiating the types of projects that an industry peak body should be doing—lobbying government, improving market access, putting industry structures in place, strategic planning ...


Foundation memberships now available

Membership benefitsBecome a member of the interim peak body which represents Australia's organic industries in government forums and industry initiatives.

Organic Industries of Australia Ltd is a new and independent organisation which acts in the interests of all certified organic operators.

There are two categories of membership—Full Membership for certified organic operators and Associate Membership for others. Membership is only $10.

Foundation Memberships are also available for a limited time for $250.

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Relations with Government

One of the objectives for OIA is to represent better the organic industry. Several times per year, OIA convenes the Australian Organic Industry Working Group to develop industry policies and strategies.

Greg McNamara, the OIA Chairman, conducted a series of policy-focussed meetings during March with the Government, the Opposition, and Department officials.

The meetings represent an on-going improvement in the relationship between the organic industry and Government following the very successful Love Organic event at Parliament House last year.

Topics discussed included improved market integrity for organic products, improved access to research and development funds, improved export market access, and forthcoming reforms to organic export regulations and the National Standard.


Export Strategy

The next meeting of the Australian Organic Industry Working Group in Sydney on 14 May will be an industry summit to prepare an organic industry export strategy. The Department of Agriculture is providing $100k in funding to support this project.

The project also supports the industry's efforts in establishing a peak body. The aim is to finalise the export strategy by the end of May. Read more ...

Please complete our export survey

Exports surveyWe have prepared a survey to support development of the export strategy. If you are an organic operator, we would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete it, or pass it on to the appropriate person in your organisation.

The survey is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RPHX3QW.


Australian Organic Industry Working Group

At its last meeting in Melbourne on 12 & 13 February 2019, the Working Group considered the export strategy, developing an industry strategy, and presentations from the Department of Agriculture. Chris McLoughlin (Director of OIA Ltd and escVox) also presented on a state-of-the art system for the automatic collection of production and supply chain data to promote supply chain trust and action. Read more ...

The next meeting is in Sydney on 14 May. One focus of this meeting is as an industry summit to prepare the organic industry export strategy. The agenda for the day includes:

  • the organic export strategy
  • developing an industry strategic plan
  • an update on activities and policy issues
  • industry arrangements / structures
  • planning for an industry conference later this year

All organic operators are welcome to attend. RSVP to secretary@organicindustries.com.au.

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Export market visit program

Export market visit programLast year, we developed a market visit program with Export Connect which assisted six organic food and beverage producers develop a market entry strategy for Singapore & Hong Kong markets. Read about last year's program here.

Export Connect is running two further market visits to Indonesia & Singapore 9-15 June and Korea & Taiwan 16-22 June. There are still a few places available on these programs if you hurry.

OIA would be interested in facilitating more market visit programs later in the year. Please contact secretary@organicindustries.com.au to register your interest and express a preference for specific markets.


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