Industry Best Practice Guide for Serving Size

 Food regulationThe Australian Healthy Food Partnership is undertaking public consultation to inform the development of a voluntary Best Practice Guide for Industry (in Australia), including serving size recommendations for selected food categories. The Best Practice Guide is applicable to retail and out-of-home products.

The Healthy Food Partnership has established priorities for serving size recommendations which may help consumers achieve dietary patterns that are more consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADGs). The recommended serving sizes are intended to drive a decrease in energy and risk associated nutrients in priority food categories. The recommended serving sizes will be accompanied by practical guidance for food companies (including both retail and out of home sectors) on implementing appropriate serving sizes.

An extended period of online public consultation on the draft targets commenced on Thursday 24 June 2021 and will remain open for 6 weeks, closing on Wednesday 4 August 2021. The draft best practice guide and serving size recommendations will form the basis of the consultation.

Submissions supported by evidence may be made through the following link:

Any questions may be directed to the Healthy Food Partnership Secretariat (, and Q&A will be published on the Partnership website (as required) throughout the consultation period.