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April's Top Insights 

Vegetable oils: High prices and increasing export restrictions

High prices and good conditions are expected to lead to record Australian oilseed exports in 2021–22. However, the increasing use of export restrictions is a concern for world food prices.

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Peru-Australia Free Trade Agreement boosts exports

Since entering into force in February 2020, PAFTA has helped to drive a 668% increase in Australian agricultural, fisheries and forestry (AFF) exports to Peru. 

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New Market Snapshots



Farmers’ terms of trade: High prices and high costs
2021-22 has been characterised by high production, prices and costs for Australian agriculture. For this financial year, ABARES data indicates that, on average, costs rose faster than prices.



United Arab Emirates food and agriculture snapshot
Learn about why the United Arab Emirates is a dynamic and globalised market with opportunities for agricultural exporters.


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Australia-India ECTA outcomes

The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) was signed on 2 April 2022. Read why the agreement will secure Australia's foothold in the world's fastest growing large economy. 


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