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Opportunities in India's booming grocery and food sector

Demand for Australian table grapes continues to grow in Vietnam

India’s growing population, rising incomes, and increasing rates of urbanisation are driving demand for agricultural, fisheries and forestry products. 

Australian table grape exports to Vietnam reached record levels in 2021–22, thanks to improved trading conditions and ongoing export diversification efforts.

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Australian agriculture exports by states and territories
Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry exports reached a record of $62.8 billion in 2021. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia experienced record exports.
Read our snapshot to find out the top export commodities from each state and territory!


New ABARES Insights on food security
The new report explores: what is food security? How does food security relate to trade and domestic support, household incomes, food availability, and food prices?

ABARES Insights

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