Agricultural Market Intelligence Insights - August 2022

Australia's agricultural export markets continue to diversify

Australia's agricultural and fisheries export markets were more diversified in 2021-22. ASEAN overtook China as Australia’s largest agricultural and fisheries export destination. Read our snapshot to find out more!

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How unusual was the 2021-22 agricultural season?

Australia exported a record $65 billion in agricultural products in 2021-22. Domestic and international conditions mean we could be in for another year of high production and high prices in 2022-23.

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High food prices drive increase in export restrictions

Food and fertiliser export restrictions are at their highest level since 2008. We explore the reasons for recent export restrictions and their impact on global food security.

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Opportunities in Bangladesh for Australian agricultural exports

Australia exported a record $1.2 billion in agricultural, fisheries and forest products to Bangladesh in 2021-22. Demand for healthy, high-quality food and beverages in Bangladesh is creating opportunities for Australian exporters.

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New agriculture Export Service to make it easier to get agri-goods overseas

The newly launched Export Service allows agricultural export businesses to manage their information and interactions with DAFF in one place.

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