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First in-transit phosphine fumigated Australian lentils land in India

Read about the first shipment of Australian lentils under the in-transit phosphine fumigation trial. In-transit phosphine treatment reduces costs for Australian exporters.

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Aussie exporters to benefit from growing global appetite for sheepmeat

The OECD-FAO expects global sheepmeat consumption to increase by 15% over the next decade. Australia is the world’s largest sheepmeat exporter and is well placed to help meet future global demand.

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Snapshot of Australian machinery imports

Record demand and disrupted supply chains have led to high prices for agricultural machinery imports. Prices are set to stay high in 2022-23, read the snapshot to learn why.

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New ABARES Insight

Australian agriculture is on a roll, but where to next? This two-part ABARES Insights series discusses the recent growth of Australian agriculture and how changes in the market and policy landscape over the last 50 years have shaped the sector.

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