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Consultation on Australian organic regulation

DAWE consultation

The Australian Government is undertaking an open and broad consultation process on options to improve Australia’s domestic organics regulatory framework.

The purpose of this next phase of work is to better understand the sector, explore problems with the current regulatory framework, and inform potential regulatory and non-regulatory reform options. In particular, the Government wants to make sure they are fully informed of the costs and benefits of any option up for consideration, and what will work best for the organics industry in a domestic context.

As part of this process, PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (PwC) have developed a survey for operators within the domestic organics market to establish a complete picture of the current market and into the foreseeable future. The survey includes multiple choice and free text questions to get your perceptions and thoughts.

The survey is open until 5pm (AEDT), Tuesday 1 February 2022. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey (link).


Organic industry forum

Organic Industry ForumThursday 27 January at 7pm (AEDT)

Register for this event on Microsoft Teams

Organic Industries Australia in partnership with ORICoop and NASAA are pleased to host an online forum to provide background, answer questions, and listen to issues from organic producers, businesses, exporters, manufacturers.  This feedback can then be provided back to PWC - together with individual survey responses.

Join us for this online forum with a panel representing the diverse expertise across the organic industry.  Come with your questions, or to understand more about the importance of your engagement in the industry.  And to be more informed in your survey contribution to PWC and the Australian Government.


In case you missed it ... Industry survey results

Organic Industries of AustraliaWe asked you for your opinions on domestic regulation of organic products. The results confirm the messages we have been telling Government.

  • 91% support regulation of the term 'organic'
  • 85% reported that the lack of regulation affects their business
  • an overwhelming majority consider the lack of regulation is
    • bad for organic producers
    • bad for consumers
    • bad for exporters
  • legislation that requires certification is strongly preferred to other types of regulation


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