Australia Day honour for Dalene Wray AM

Member of the Order of Australia (AM)Organic Industries of Australia is so proud that our Chair has been awarded the Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for significant service to the organic beef industry, and to professional organisations.

Dalene is also passionate about indigenous reconciliation and mental health issues.

Certified organic

Our Industry

If it is not Certified Organic, you can’t be sure it is organic

Formal organic certification of organic products is the producer’s guarantee to consumers that along the entire supply chain, a Certified Organic product has been produced in line with the strict national and industry Organic and Biodynamic Standards.

In Australia, the term ‘organic’ is not regulated as it is in the United States, Japan and China. It is legal to produce a product and call it ‘organic’ without providing the consumer with any proof that it is actually organic.

Product labelling is what differentiates certified organic consumer products. All certified organic products are traceable back to the producer or processor. The operator’s certification number, written in conjunction with the certified organic label within the product label, can be looked up on the website of the certifying organisation. Look for these certifier labels:

GM food submission

GM free

OIA has lodged a submission to FSANZ on a proposal to change the definitions for gene technology and new breeding techniques.

The FSANZ assessment promotes a false equivalence that new breeding technique (NBT) food is produced with an outcome that might occur using natural selection techniques. That is clearly not the case, and the onus should be on the proponent to prove the safety of every instance of GM manipulation.

We are most concerned that this acceptance of GM food, if adopted, will then be used as a base from which will come further proposals to exempt genetic modifications from safety assessment. Once some GM food is exempt, there will be a lower hurdle to a future proposal to exempt GM food just a little more.

Overwhelmingly, overseas markets do not want GM foods, and are worried by the environmental contamination of our organic foods with GM breeds.

Domestic regulation survey

Better domestic regulation

The Government has announced consultations on domestic regulation. So, we asked you for your opinions. And now the results are in, they confirm the messages we have been telling Government.

  • 91% support regulation of the term 'organic'
  • 85% reported that the lack of regulation affects their business
  • an overwhelming majority consider the lack of regulation is
    • bad for organic producers
    • bad for consumers
    • bad for exporters
  • legislation that requires certification is strongly preferred to other types of regulation

Organic Industries of Australia and NASAA rated highly (3.5 out of 5.0) for representing the interests of Australia's organic sector.

Insulated panels insurance

AB Phillips

If you occupy a premises containing insulated panels, you probably need our help finding affordable insurance.

AB Phillips, one of our foundation members, have extensive knowledge and understanding of insulated panels and have been able to obtain significant premium reductions for buildings considered ‘low risk’.


WWOOF Australia

Our members get a discount on WWOOF volunteer memberships and gift certificates.