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Welcome to AgriFutures AGenda, 

The National Farmers’ Federation is challenging Australians to consider the career opportunities in agriculture and to embark on an #AgVenture as a part of this year’s AgDay on Friday, 19 November 2021. 

It's a theme which resonates with us and in this special edition of AGenda, we are exploring some of the fascinating and diverse careers in agriculture. We hope to inspire those who are wanting to pursue a career in agriculture, or who are already involved in our industry and are thinking about expanding their horizons. 

From corporate lawyers running rodeos in Western Australia, to an insect farmer in Canberra, we showcase the breadth and depth of people who are playing a critical role in enhancing and developing our agricultural levied industries as well as those making a difference to the agricultural landscape.

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Broome-based lawyer Cara Peek takes top honours

Cara Peek_NOV news 2021.jpg

You don't hear about many lawyers who dabble with rodeo sports and country music events in their spare time ... but that's exactly what our 2020 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award National Winner balances in her day-to-day life. Cara is a proud Yawuru/Bunuba woman and has been recognised for her dedication to fostering access and opportunity for rural and remote communities. The Broome-based lawyer plans to use her $10,000 Westpac bursary to further progress her organisation, Saltwater Country, an Indigenous-led not-for-profit that works to re-engage at-risk Indigenous youth with their rich pastoral history.

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Olympia YargerAgriculture has a serious "marketing problem," says Olympia Yarger

According to Olympia, marketing isn’t something agriculture does well. The CEO of Goterra says the current narratives of careers in agriculture are costing us the breadth of talent we need. She's on a mission to change this image.

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AgriFutures Horizon Scholars talking with one anotherMaking agriculture attractive to the next generation

We're facing a worrying demand vs supply challenge across our rural industries. AgriFutures Australia Managing Director, John Harvey shares why the success of our industry relies on attracting young people to a career in agriculture.


Emily Lavis_final_NOV_2021.jpgEmerging industries on the horizon

With an expanding population and a greater need for food security, this AgriFutures Horizon Scholar insists we need to turn our focus to emerging industries. Emily Lavis says the career possibilities in agriculture are endless and "it’s not all about beef, wool, dairy, and grain". The AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship Program has exposed her to a number of exciting job prospects.

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Meredith MitchellSay hello to Meredith Mitchell

It’s often overlooked but the pasture industry underpins several agricultural industries such as beef, sheep, wool and dairy. Meredith sits on our AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Advisory Panel and brings her extensive experience to the Advisory Panel to support a stronger, more sustainable pasture seeds industry. Learn more about Meredith's fascinating career path. 

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Oil_what others are saying_NOV.jpgAustralian innovation delivers game-changing oil alternatives

"There’s been so much interest already. We’ve got customers whose first order will be more than we’re currently producing, so our immediate goal is to get more growers on board to increase and sustain production going forward," - David Hudson, GO Resources Director.

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WOAS_News_NOV.jpgBreakthrough technology to provide farm-wide wi-fi

“Improving connectivity for farmers is the single most critical factor in driving productivity and sustainability in agriculture. Farmers increasingly rely on devices that talk to each other over vast distances," - Professor David Lamb, Food Agility Chief Scientist.

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WOAS_Bee_News_NOV.jpgBest in the West: improving the genetics of WA bee stock

“We have a devoted cohort of members. Everyone who has participated in this program has not only brought quality stock but an enthusiasm for producing better bees, for the greater good of the industry,” - John Davies, Chairman Better Bees WA Inc.

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