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If you occupy a premises containing insulated panels, you probably need our help finding affordable insurance.

AB PhillipsInsulated/EPS panels are a hot topic when it comes to insurance, as they are deemed by insurers to be a ‘high risk’, and therefore difficult and expensive to insure.

What many insurers don’t realise is that there are many different types of insulated panels, each with different risk classifications. You may not know what type your building contains, but this information can have a significant impact upon your insurance premiums.

AB Phillips have extensive knowledge and understanding of insulated panels and have been able to obtain significant premium reductions for buildings considered ‘low risk’.

Our insurance experts can:

  • help you determine what type of insulated panels your building contains
  • advise on what you can do to lower your insurance premiums
  • negotiate with insurers to broker an insurance deal that protects your interests

Due to our expert knowledge in this area, we have partnered with the Insulated Panel Council of Australia (IPCA) as their preferred insurance provider for their members.

For all enquiries, contact Alan Limpyer (alanli@abphillips.com.au or 0412 981 272).

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