Koonara Wines

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Located in Coonawarra, South Australia, Koonara Wines was established in 1992 by Dru Reschke on vineyards he planted with his father Trevor in the late 1980s. Dru continues his passion for wine with his wife Nicole, who lives on the property with their daughters Lucy and Alice.

Our Coonawarra vineyards are organically grown and certified and have been since 2017. Koonara believes in creating wines that are high quality and age-worthy. All our wines are vegan friendly, low in sulphur and have no (or low) residual sugar.

✓ We’re certified to Australian Organic Standards in our Coonawarra vineyards.

✓ No pesticides have been used in our Coonawarra vineyards for over 10 years.

✓ Only 2 organic sprays a year. We only average two sprays per year for disease, with only organically certified product so as not to harm our delicate ecosystem.

✓ We let nature take care of bad bugs. We grow selected weeds to attract ‘good bugs’, that eat our ‘bad bugs’, so we have no need for pesticides.

✓ Weeds are our friend. We let selected weeds grow long and their roots deep, which aerate the soil and fills it with organic material. This holds water and natural nutrients, which help to produce healthy vines.

Koonara Wines