Lettuce Deliver

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Food products; Fruit; Grain, seeds and pulses; Groceries; Personal care; Vegetables

Fresh fruit & vegetables

All Certified Organic and Australian Grown.

Lettuce DeliverWe source our fresh produce from Family Farms all over Australia. We have co-operative trading agreements with Growers and Suppliers extending over 22 years ensuring the produce our customers receive is of the highest quality. Some of our Supplies are exclusive to Lettuce Deliver ensuring quantities are small and quality extremely high. Growers are paid a fair price for their produce ensuring there will be more produce available next season.

Being passionate about fruit and veg is the basis of our huge range of fresh produce.

Lettuce DeliverWe offer our customers seasonal boxes as well as welcome tailored orders ... just start shopping! You can also set up a 'repeating order' that you change, pause or cancel by signing into your account.


We offer our customers over 3000 groceries including bread, dairy, confectionary, meat, personal care items, Manchester and much more. We encourage our customers to ask us to source specific items they may be finding hard to find.

Lettuce DeliverOrganic Certification

We only supply Certified Organic, Australian Grown Fresh Produce to our customers.

That means that all of the Growers supplying Lettuce Deliver are independently audited to ensure they are growing their produce in line with the National Standard for Organic Production.

We are also a Certified NASAA retailer which means that all of the produce on offer can be traced back to the source. In fact, NASAA can contact us with a moment's notice and ask us to provide invoices and proof of purchase for any goods we are selling as Certified Organic.

Lettuce Deliver has been a NASAA Certified trader (R9291) since 2003!